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Trigg Trike Kits specializes in non-permanent kits that transform your two-wheel motorcycle into a three-wheel trike. Our trike kit works for most Harley-Davidson, Indian, Honda, Yamaha and other motorcycle brands and models. A Trigg Trike Kit can be attached to virtually any stock motorcycle without altering the frame, which ensures value and improves resale options. Trigg Trike Kits are not universally designed. Each one is built with your bike in mind, promoting stability and safety at the highest level for individual bikes.

Many experienced bikers are adding a third wheel. The converted three-wheel motorcycle provides the stability that many motorcyclists need. Motorcylce trike conversions keep born-to-ride bikers on the road, who may have otherwise abandoned riding all together. Three-wheeled motorcycles offer advantages including comfort during longer rides without stiffness. Many riders are converting to a trike including baby boomers, couple riders, women riders, and more. Three wheels provide extra stability around curves and at stops.

Contact Trigg Trike Kits today to see how we can customize a conversion kit for your bike to ride with the stability of a 3 wheel motorcycle, without the cost of a full trike conversion.

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