This is the way your kit is crated and shipped to you. They are preassembled and ready to install on your motorcycle.

Frame: Trigg Trike Kits Frame

    • One continuous bend
    • Structural square tubing
    • Cross member support
    • Sealed non-greasable automotive hubs
    • High-Strength Rod Ends, Bar Ends and Clevis
    • Torsion arm suspension
    • Stabilizer bar (not included on all models)
    • Stainless steel fasteners
    • Front mounting plate (Designed & built for your bike’s Make & Model)
    • Rear swing arm mounting brackets (Designed & built for your bike’s Make & Model)

Wheels & Tires:

    • 15” American Racing Wheels
    • 15” Low Profile Kumho Tires


    • Black gel-coated fiberglass body ready for finishing, primer, paint


Trigg Trike Kits Specifications


OW – Width from outside to outside

IW – Width inside fenders

L – Total Length

H – Total Height




  Small Kit Standard Kit Extra Large Kit Sled Fender Kit
OW 51” 55” 65” 57 ½”
IW 31 ½” 38” 46” 38”
L 48 – 50” 48 – 56” 55” 48 – 56”
H 25” 25” 25” 25”
Shipping Weight 200 lbs250 lbs Reverse 200 lbs250 lbs Reverse 250lbs 300 lbs Reverse
200 lbs250 lbs Reverse

Can I install the Trigg Trike Kit myself?

Trigg trike kits are relatively easy to install. They require a minimal to moderate amount of mechanical ability. The following equipment is needed to install a Trigg: an assortment of Standard wrenches (½”, 3/4”, 9/16”, 15/16”) and Allen Wrenches (1/2”, 3/16”, 5/16”), blue Loctite, a floor or motorcycle lift, and a measuring tape. Other tools may be needed to complete the installation depending on the configuration of your motorcycle. We recommend that you take your Trigg to a motorcycle shop, a motorcycle dealer, or any authorized Trigg dealer to have it installed. An installation manual comes with each Trigg.

How is a Trigg Trike Kit mounted?

Trigg’s are attached to the frame using a belly plate but in a variety of ways. Most of them are 4 u-bolts but some aren’t (1500 Goldwing, 1100 Goldwing, 1200 Goldwing, 1800 Goldwing, etc.) It is also connected to the rear swing arm near the axle of your motorcycle, using brackets made specifically for your make and model. Please inquire about your specific make/model for further details.

What suspension system is used on the Trigg Trike Kit?

We use a torsion arm suspension. This type of suspension can either work independently or dependently when coupled with the stabilizer bar. Torsion arm suspension limits the vibration and wheel lift of your kit.

Do I have to extend my rear axle?


Do I have to change the rake of my front end?

We at Trigg Trike do not feel that it is necessary to change the rake of your motorcycle. We feel as if our units, when attached to your motorcycle, are very manageable and capable of being steered.